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The Pencils NEPA Writers Group is off and running. It is always a wonder to me how magical the world becomes when creative people get together. There is an energy that cannot be described but you know it’s there.

Our group currently consists of members who aspire to or have already written poetry, memoir, short story, comedy, satire, plays, non-fiction, and biography. After each person has the opportunity to share their writing for the group, the other members provide enthusiastic and positive feedback along with valuable insights for how the work can be improved.

It is this process that makes all of us stronger and anxious to get back to our computers. What was most striking at our last meeting was the conversation that some of the writing contributions stirred. It is true our primary purpose is to focus on the written word, but when the work brings people to tears or joyful laughter, or a walk down memory lane, the author knows he or she has done his/her best.

Maybe that’s the real point of this blog post. Why, after all, do we write? It is certainly not to get rich…very few authors ever do. It is most likely not to become famous…that can be an illusive dream. I believe at our core, it is for the satisfaction of taking what is in our heads and our hearts and putting it on a page for posterity. Maybe it’s just for us; maybe it’s for our children; maybe it’s with a goal of publication, but regardless we have shared our most intimate, creative, and singularly personal thoughts.

And in sharing our work, we are making a contribution to the world that no other person did, can or will – those exact words will never be written by another human being. Whether you choose to join a writers group or not, please do yourself and the world a favor by capturing the essence of you.

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