Do I have to be an experienced writer to attend?

Absolutely not! Our group supports novice writers and published authors alike. We encourage you to bring anything you have written or just come with paper and pen or pencil. We will get you started.

Are there restrictions on the type of writing I want to do?

No, this  group is open to all genres – fiction, non-fiction, poetry – romance, mystery, science fiction – memoir, young adult, comedy, how-to, biography. The diversity of writing makes a group strong and variety is welcome.

Is there a fee to join?

No, this is a free group. The only requirement is that we adhere to all policies at the facilities where we are guests.


Should I bring copies of my work to share?

You are not required to bring copies but we do recommend it. If you have a printer available, plan to bring 8-10 copies to the meeting. Experience has shown us that when other groups members can follow along as you read, it is much easier for them to make notations on your work for you to review later. Note: During the Pandemic, we are sharing our work in advance using a private Google Group.

All distributed copies are returned to you. When you take them back home, you have the benefit of everyone’s input and don’t have to rely on your memory of what was shared verbally. In addition to content, members will often catch spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. These are all things easy to miss when we read our own work!

How much time will I have to read my work?

We recommend that you bring no more than 4 pages, double-spaced using 12-point font. This usually equates to between 1,200 and 1,500 words.  Placing limitations on the length each member brings to a meeting allows time for everyone to share and receive feedback.

This guideline may be adjusted depending on the number of people in attendance at any given meeting.

What kind of feedback should I expect?

We create a safe environment where no writer will ever be criticized, discouraged, or put down. Every one of us has a different style of writing and a different way of interpreting what we read.

Our goal is to give positive, supportive and constructive feedback so that you are encouraged to keep writing and get better with every page. Writing is a learned skill and we can truly learn from everyone.


Do I have to attend every meeting?

No, but consistent attendance will benefit you. One of the key benefits of a writers group is that it creates accountability. When you know a meeting is coming up, it is an effective reminder to keep writing and move your work forward.

Will we be doing anything else besides reading our own work?

Yes! In addition, there will be writing prompts for quick writing exercises; visual prompts for creative expression through the written word; and articles or audios shared from professionals in the publishing world. We may even have a guest speaker from time to time!

Can I attend if I haven’t written anything?

Yes, but not on a regular basis. The only way you become a writer is to write and improving by reading your work out loud and receiving feedback from the group. Think of it this way – you can’t go to the pool to watch the swimmers and expect to learn how to swim…you have to jump in!


Is there a deadline to join?

No, you can join at any time. The group will grow organically and depending on when you learn about us and when you are ready will determine when you join.

I think I’m ready!

Great! Then all you have to do is Contact Us and register for the next meeting. If you still have questions, just include them in your email.

Sign Me Up!!