Announcing   Musings: Short Stories to Inspire & Delight

“A vision that started fourteen months ago by eight independent authors has come to life,” says Elaine Leet, editor and leader of the project.

“We hope our collection of short stories will inspire our readers to embrace the possibilities of new beginnings.”

Musings takes readers on a captivating journey through a diverse range of short stories bound together by the theme ‘New Beginnings.’ These selections feature ten eclectic original narratives by eight different authors showcasing a range of unique voices and styles. From tales of love and loss to accounts of adventure and discovery, this anthology has something for everyone.

“We are all members of the local writing group, Pencils NEPA, established in Hawley and Honesdale in 2017,” added Carol McManus, group founder and leader. “When talented authors come together, magical things happen. If writing is your passion then maybe Pencils is right for you.”

The authors of Musings will be making local appearances at bookstores and libraries throughout Wayne, Pike, and Sullivan counties in the coming months. Look for notices here and through local media and libraries.

Musings is available now for sale on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.


What can YOU expect from Pencils? We started our journey together in 2017 at the Hawley Library and added a second chapter in Honesdale six months later.  Each groups meets twice a month on Zoom to share their latest work and give and receive feedback so everyone can hone their craft.

Hawley meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 10am to 12:30 pm

Honesdale meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm

If you would like more information, go to our Contact page.


Fiction comes in many forms…it could be romance, mystery, thriller, science fiction, western, horror, fantasy, or maybe young adult.

Many fiction writers start off writing short stories that are easy to write and easy to get published. Other authors write novellas that are ideal for eBooks, and others aspire for full-length fiction novels.

The beauty of fiction is that there are no limitations on facts, characters, geography, or story. It comes entirely from you and your rich imagination.

It doesn’t matter where you start – it’s only important that you START! shutterstock_516624274_man reading book


This is a broad category and a huge playground for writers. It includes opinion pieces; essays; biographies; memoirs; historical, scientific, technical, or economic writings. If that’s not enough perhaps you are drawn to travelogues, self-help, self-improvement, or journaling.

Non-fiction is based on truth and appeals to a variety of readers. Maybe you are writing a book on business; a how-to on your field of expertise; or even a history of the area.

While the format and structure are different than fiction, the discipline to write it down and share it with your intended readership is the same.shutterstock_328322402_open journal with pencils

My Writing

If we haven’t yet covered what is in your heart and aching to come out on the page, fear not…we want to explore your passion to write.

Do you want to start or expand on your blog? Have you written poetry? Are you driven to share a cookbook with all the secret family recipes? Maybe you have something to share that would fall under comedy, spirituality, art, or books for children.

The only boundaries that exist in writing are the ones you set yourself. Don’t let the voice in your head deter you from moving forward. We have a place for you and the desire to help you transfer your gift from your head and your heart to the written page.

Benefits of a Writers Group

Writing is a lonely process. Most of it is done in a quiet place with a pad and pencil or in front of a keyboard. So many writers get stuck on this solitary road and never share their work and therefore never reach their full potential.

When you join a writers group, you are bonding with other people just like you who appreciate the hard work it takes to write and write well.  We all seek validation that what we are writing matters. Writers are also readers, so the collective and diverse opinions and reactions from your group help you to make your writing the best that it can be.

With our group you get to share, learn, stretch your creative muscles, and get supportive and encouraging feedback to move you forward.shutterstock_15258847_adults writing together

Next Steps…

Now is the time to print out a couple of pages of something you have written or bring your journal and share it with us. Just click here to reserve your spot for our next meeting. We’d love to have you!